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How to join Green Office Campaign



After you decide to green your office, CENN can help you in several ways.


One of the key components of the CENN Green Office Campaign is the promotion of office waste separation.


There are several factors making waste separation and recycling problematic in Georgia. On the one hand, there is no developed infrastructure for collecting and recycling separated waste. On the other hand, since municipal services do not afford separate garbage cans for recyclable waste, to practice of recycling would require that offices either themselves take small quantities of separated waste to recycling factories, or allot sizeable room within their premises for accumulating waste before it is taken to a factory.


To create a precedent of office waste separation and recycling in the face of these challenges, CENN has set up an arrangement with several small recycling factories. These are ready to collect separated waste from offices in case of joint accumulation of a certain amount. This makes waste separation and recycling much more realistic, since now offices need to accumulate less individually, provided that together they reach the minimum required by a factory.


At the moment, CENN is organizing pickup of paper.


To join our campaign, please follow these easy steps:

  • Start separating and collecting your office waste (paper, plastic, glass);

  • Call us (at +995 32 275 19 03) or write to us (at to be included in our contact list for the pick-up of recyclables; at the end of the month, just watch as your waste is taken away.


How it works:

  • By the end of every month we call all the offices on our list, inquire how much paper or plastic they have accumulated, and whether they already need it to be collected; also to inform them on the exact date when a factory truck will visit them.

  • Then, we give the list of the offices ready to deliver recyclables to the corresponding factory;

  • The factory truck visits the offices and collects their waste on the specified day.


We are inviting all organizations to join our initiative.


Thereby, you will not only dispose of your waste in a proper way, but also facilitate the effort of the rest of us: the more organizations participate in the initiative, the less time and, hence, space will be needed for each organization to achieve the necessary goal.


So far, the initiative service only works for paper. However, CENN encourages all offices to start separating other kinds of recyclable waste as well and deliver to recycling factories themselves. The following contacts you may find useful:


    Glass: Ksani Glass Factory.

     They are ready to come themselves in case an office/organization has accumulated at least 1 000

     kilograms of glass.

     Phone numbers: (599) 920605, (532) 449981


    Plastic (polyethylene) bags: Metaloplastic Ltd.

     They are ready to come themselves in case an office/organization has accumulated at least 200

     kilograms of plastic bags.

     Phone number: (597) 456699


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