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Green office checklist



Use our checklist to assess how far you have gone in greening your office.


□      Energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs are installed

□      Double-sided printing and copying is adopted as a rule

□      Waste separation for recycling is practiced

□      Hand-towels and cloth napkins are used in the kitchen/bathroom

□      A system is established for washing cloth items

□      No individually packaged sugar and cream is used in the kitchen

□      There is a “used goods area” in the office

□      Equipment and appliances are set to power-saving mode

□      Equipment is turned off during nights and weekends 

□      Radiators and heaters are not blocked with furniture

□      All doors and windows are insulated in winter

□      Memos are posted to remind employees to turn off the lights when not needed

□      A ceiling fan is used in the summer time instead of air-conditioning

□      Strategies are developed for minimizing daily commute

□      Computer monitors go to sleep after being idle for several minutes


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