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What is green office?


Every day all of us make decisions that affect global warming, air pollution, and other environmental issues.


Our everyday practices in our workplace are among factors that can affect our environments in more or less negative ways depending, again, on our choices and decisions. To list just a few:


Have we ever considered whether we really need to overheat the office? Maybe we could fix our heaters two degrees lower and take on an extra sweeter, instead of the pleasure of getting around in t-shirts at the expense of the resources and emissions that extra heating takes? After all, why not to enjoy all the four seasons and let their diversity reflect in our outfits?


Have we ever considered were the waste accumulated in our offices goes? The accumulation of a lot of waste in our offices is a huge contributor to various environmental problems. But it is also a factor whose impact can be alleviated through conscious minimizing of office consumables use, on the one hand, and putting efforts to getting our waste recycled, on the other.


Does any of us ever consider whether we really need to go to the other end of the city to settle a minor issue? Maybe a phone call or an e-mail message would do? Again, do we really need to drive separately to our workplaces? Maybe we could share rides or simply walk or bike to our offices? Any means for minimizing your office-related transportation not only saves your money but also contributes to saving our planet.


The phrase "Green Office" refers to the mentality and practices that help to reduce the environmental impact of our office activities and make a real difference.


CENN has designed a special portfolio of services intended for those who wish to put a green office policy to practice and protect the environment. Our office greening team visits offices to offer recommendations on how to transform the workplace into a more environmentally friendly place.


CENN is also conducting a campaign to involve more offices in green practices. The main component of the Green Office Campaign is encouraging offices to separate waste, as well as helping them to get rid of the separated waste through organizing its regular pick-up.


If you want  to be kind to the environment,

If you share our conviction that each of us can make a difference,

CENN is there to help you.